Installation Amenities

In addition to the Woof Spot Dog Parks, Community Centers with WiFi Internet Access and Fitness Centers, Playgrounds, Park and Walking Trails throughout AMCC at Camp Lejeune and New River there are a variety of community-based activities and services.  

To learn more about what you will find in or near Atlantic Marine Corps Communities, click on the community link below.

Camp Lejeune

MCCS Fast Food - Burger King, Wendy's, Subway, 4 Corners, More
Main Exchange - Nearby
Armed Services YMCA - Kids Club, Operation Hero, Backdoor Boutique
Fitness Centers/Health - Fitness Centers, Group Exercise, Semper Teen
Jacksonville Transit - City/County Bus Route Comes to Base!
Jobs - List of Largest Employers in the area!
Military One Source
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
Red Cross

New River

MCCS Fast Food / Clubs - Wendy's, Subway, Noble Roman's, More
Fitness Centers/Health - Personal Training, Fitness Centers, Youth Sports
Recreation & Leisure - Gear Issue, Athletics, Bowling Center

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