Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP)


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RECP Information

The Resident Energy Conservation program (RECP) is a Department of the Navy/Marine Corps (DON) initiative to aggressively pursue conservation initiatives and is consistent with MHPI (Military Housing Privatization Initiatives).  This initiative attempts to reduce the amount of utilities consumed at Navy/Marine Corps Public Private Ventures (PPV) housing projects. Residents will benefit because savings that are realized from usage at or below normal utility levels will flow back into reinvestment in the homes and communities. Residents may accrue credits when their utility consumption is 10% or more below the established utility usage target.  Residents consuming a normal level of energy for their residences will incur little or no out-of-pocket monthly cost and will very likely receive a check from the PPV Partner - AMCC if they take steps to consume below the level of utilities used by their peers. Residents will be responsible for paying utility costs that are 10% or more above the established utility usage target for their residence. 

Office of the Secretary of Defense memorandum dated September 8, 1998 sets forth the policy for the services to initiate payment of utilities in PPV housing and strives to achieve energy efficiency in the privatized housing units.


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