Departing Residents

Whether you are transferring to a new duty station, retiring or moving off-base, your lease agreement with Atlantic Marine Corps Communities requires you to notify your community center in writing no less than 30 days prior to vacating your home. Should you receive a notice to transfer or know your vacate date earlier, we appreciate you letting us know so we can better accommodate families awaiting a home.   Click here for a Move Out Brochure.

Providing written notice to your community center is easy. Complete the Notice to Vacate form at your local community office and submit it to your community center. From here, your community staff will work with you on setting up a pre-final and final inspection dates, and review what your responsibilities are to help ensure a smooth transition as you make your way to a new duty station or place of residence.

If someone other than the Service Member will be taking care of vacating your home, a Power of Attorney is required from the Service Member allowing the individual to act on his or her behalf.

You can refer to our Resident Guideline & Community Standards Handbook for more information on this topic. Remember, you can always call your community center and our staff will be happy to assist!